Towards a more resilient future

How can we strengthen the grid and provide power supply with a more durable infrastructure?

Made with BASF’s Elastolit® polyurethane and enabled by our unique filament winding technology, Boldur™ poles are more than twice as sturdy and resilient as compared to conventional concrete utility poles. This enables them to stand firm in strong winds, heavy snows and other natural disasters.

At approximately one-fourth the weight of traditional concrete poles, Boldur™ poles reduces installation and life-cycle costs as they require less manpower equipment and maintenance.

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When one pole falls

Every pole has its ultimate strength. When the wind blows, the poles need to withstand the force of the wind.  As the force of the wind increases, the pole gets closer to its breaking point.  If the wind forces become strong enough, the poles will break and fall.

Utility poles are usually connected to each other by wires. When one pole falls, its falling weight can increase the loads on the neighbouring poles, pulling the wires on the poles causing them to break and starting a chain reaction called a ‘cascade’. Cascades can continue for kilometers, bringing down numerous poles and impacting a wide community.

Breaking Strength (kg) Concrete Pole Supplier 1 Weight (kg) Concrete Pole Supplier 1 Weight (kg) PU Composite Weight (kg)
712 (7kN) 880 860 N/A
1020 (10kN) 980 980 N/A
1428 (14kN) 1010 1090 N/A
2040 (20kN) 1130 1360 N/A
2300 (23kN) N/A N/A 220

Light yet strong

Boldur™ poles typically have more than 2 times the strength of concrete poles.  On the other hand, they typically have one-fourth the weight of concrete poles. Many Boldur™ poles have weights that are even smaller fractions of the weights of concrete poles.

How would using a Boldur™ composite pole mitigate cascades? A Boldur™ pole with a weight of 220kg has a breaking strength of 2300kg. The weight being a small fraction of the pole’s breaking strength helps to reduce the likelihood of cascades or stop cascades in their tracks.

In addition, the low weight of the Boldur™ pole translates into lower trailer weights for bridges and roads. This is especially important for roads and bridges with low load limits.